2O11 - 2O12

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 colorful colorado

 outside the trading post on peak to peak highway

ward . co 

fall comes to the mountains

 nevadaville . co

just outside nevadaville

jamestown . co 

my piano is still there, and i am still in love.

a storm rolls in 

 groovy camping & hiking in the nearby mountains...

panorama point 

 in love with the piano in the alley...

 warehouse of treasures

adventure, fun & friends in pine ridge & the black hills... 

high park fire. hope for rain.

 boulder before the dry

desert love roadtrip 

desert bighorn sheep 

 on the road...

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linwood cemetery in glenwood springs co

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some farm love

happy happy!

reaching out

just got back from garden of the gods...

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 took a day trip along peak to peak to estes park...

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frozen dead guy . nederland


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spirit flight

Adrienne Rich  1929-2012
"But - let's never discount it - within every official, statistical, designated nation, there breathes another nation: of unappointed, unappeased, unacknowledged clusters of people who daily, with fierce imagination and tenacity, confront cruelties, exclusions, and indignities, signaling through those barriers - which are often literal cages - in poetry, music, street theater, murals, videos, Web sites - and through many forms of direct action."  - A.R., Poetry and Commitment

welcome to the neighborhood!

another day spent wandering...

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i just got back from santa fe...




 dante's patio

the next 7 photos are from another walkabout... 
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"...I will never know how you see red and you will never know how I see it.
But this seperation of consciousness
is recognized only after a failure of communication, and our first movement is
to believe in an undivided being between us..."
-Anne Carson, The Autobiography of Red


hello 2O12!

 special visitors at the farm today...


there were three bald eagles in the tree 

outside my home today. seems a good omen.

apropos for an energy hub.

fall leaves, heavy ice & the joy of refraction!

back alley boulder...

walking along the creek path...


ghost face

lovely snow day on the farm!

...groovy gold hill...

fall colors in kenosha . cottonwood . buena vista
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kissing the moon.

do you see it?


face in the tree...

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