The wave changed instantly by the rock; the rock changed by the wave returning over and over. --Adrienne Rich

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summertime in the canary islands! 
check out the photos here: lanzarote 2O18

a quick trip through the usa... click here for the photos
prairie to the mountains to the high desert

weekend streetwalking in berlin!
to see the photos, follow this link...

central city cemetery throwback, photos here...

follow this link for a tour of regensburg, one groovy city

italy! on the gardasee... follow this link for photos!

i've posted some photos from germany... stuttgart and sindelfingen,
and a trip to chiemsee... follow this link to see

travelling the land of enchantment...

...sodak to santa fe to the grand canyon
and everywhere in between...
we went and did. we'll do it again.

 ...the thaw...

 skirting the storm

 a little bit of

 the old church

 there's a little something for everyone in buffalo gap

in my pocket

an evening storm rolls across the prairie...

 coyote friends

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