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haven't counted... ten thousand, maybe?

love from above!

...my friend in the sky...

good morning, moon & mountains!

winter is for telling stories.

...winter, dry and lovely on the farm...

a little trickster!

hello snow!

four mile fire. hope for rain.

home groovy home

he came. he saw. he was bored.

they've landed.

the (other) friendly beast.

benny is cute. he is naughty... but he is cute.
(ps he probably just got finished stealing my supper)

pompeii loves amy!

i'm back from a desert oasis & a lovely trip! more photos are at: okaadaak-mesa09.blogspot

boulder creek

hazy day in the foothills

here they are from my window on a branch above the shed...

they look curious, too...

i love the farm.

i hate concrete, too...

rock star.

moments before the invasion.

bffs on the couch.

walking to work.

happy cat.

I just got back from a trip to Utah... to see those pics go to www.okaadaak-utah08.blogspot.com, or click on the Utah link in my profile...

walking to work (and other adventures)...

the farm.

a telepathic message from my BFF